Repair Shop Software

Our primary market is Automotive Repair Shops and Motorcycle Repair Shops.

However, this software will work well for any repair shop that needs to keep a history of the work performed on customer products.

Automotive Repair Shop Software Features

  • Professional looking repair orders on plain paper
  • CarFax vin decoder
  • Email or Text Message invoices, reminders, etc.
  • Smart Kits - canned jobs
  • Service reminder system with postcards or flyers or email
  • Complete repair history for each vehicle
  • Daily, weekly, monthly sales reports
  • Sales tax report
  • Inventory
  • Accounts receivable w/ aging reports
  • Marketing section to help you get the word out to your customers
  • Technician reports
  • 24 / 7 free telephone support
  • Shop profitability feedback
  • Scheduling vehicles for service
  • Very easy to use

Price = $469.00 one time fee,

If you would like to try out our free demo call us at 405-593-9698 and we will help you install it on your personal computer.

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Customer Information Screen

Everything you want to know on one screen:

  • Address Information
  • Contact Information
  • Customers have multiple vehicles
  • Easy access to the full history of each vehicle
  • Accounts receivable
  • Estimates
  • Reminders
  • send emails or text messages
repair shop manager customer information screen

Invoice or Estimate Screen

Full featured:

Unlimited space for the discription of work when adding a line item to the invoice.

Create canned items in the items file to help save typing.

Print or email invoice or estimate

Repair Manager invoice screen

Printing the Invoice

All the options you will ever need:

Printing options

Repair Order

Professional Looking Repair Order

  • You can add your logo
  • You can make your own disclaimer
  • Support for all states having special issues
Repair shop repair order format


Reminders build customer loyalty:

  • Service reminders
  • Follow up reminders
  • Thank you notes
  • Etc...
form for sending customer a reminder


Fully functional inventory:

  • Multiple search options
  • Three price levels
  • Canned Jobs
  • Kits
  • Reports
  • Sales history
preview of the inventory screen


Full range of reports:

  • Sales reports
  • Usage analysis
  • Accounts receivables
  • Inventory reports
  • Marketing reports
  • Management reports
menu screen for sales and service reports

Price = $469.00 one time fee,

If you would like to try out our free demo call us at 405-593-9698 and we will help you install it on your personal computer.

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Repair Manager incorporates the best practices and latest technologies through a systematic update and revision program.

Several states have laws regarding auto repair shops that require us to provide special repair order formats. Florida is one of those states. California is another. There are also special requirements for the city of Chicago. We provide free support for all these state law issues.

We have customers using this product on small and medium size networks as well as single one station computers.

Our product is used by auto repair shops in many English speaking countries around the world.

Many new customers tell us they choose Repair Manager after working with many automotive software programs because our product was the simplest, easiest, and fastest to learn.

Our program has a powerful accounts receivable feature that will print statements and keep track of the daily activity in receivables. It will tell you how much was charged on account and paid on account for any given date or range of dates.

In the auto repair business, inventory control is a time consuming task and most repair shop managers don't have the time to do it. For this reason Repair Manager makes re-ordering parts, you wish to stock, easy by printing a usage analysis that list how many of each part has been sold within any given date range. This way, you simply re-order what you used and keep your inventory stock up to date with no effort.

Customer followup is especially easy because we provide a system for scheduling and sending thank you notes, oil change reminders, etc.

Repair Manager calculates your profitability at every level. You can evaluate profit at the invoice level, daily sales level, monthly sales level, and even the yearly sales level.

Paying sales tax is easy. We provide all the information you need to get the job done.